Smoother Skin Thanks to Cellulite Reduction!

Looking for a smoother skin tone with no fat or wrinkles? Accent XI is a non-surgical and non-invasive way to reduce wrinkles and tighten loose skin. This treatment can also deal with both deep and superficial cellulite pockets. It has been featured on shows like Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Dr. 90210, Nip Tuck and others!

The Accent® provides a warm, relaxing feeling as it passes across your skin in repeated circles. It is the most comfortable way tone and tightens skin, while also melting away any excess fat. To achieve this effect, the Accent® heats the dermal layer of your skin with RF technology. You will notice the following results when using Accent®:

    • – Your fat cells contract and undesirable “orange peel” cellulite is smoothed away
    • Sagging skin becomes tighter as new collagen is created
    • Your skin gains a better texture and tone
    • Your abdomen appears flatter and smoother, with reduced bulges
    • Your hips and thighs look slimmer

The basics of Accent XI:

    • The Accent® generates RF (radio frequency) energy to heat the inner layer of your skin (dermis), as directed by a trained technician
    • When an area of your skin is heated by the Accent®, new collagen is created by a natural reaction within your body. At the same time, toxins and fluids stored in the fat are released.
    • End result: smoother and firmer skin—just like when you were young!
cellulite-free legs