Clayton Shagal

Collagen Facial our #1 Anti-Aging Facial
The Essential Element
Collagen is a major structural protein in the skin, with most of it located in the dermal layer. It is responsible for the overall health, elasticity, plumpness, and smoothness of the skin. In short, collagen is the key to youthful skin!

The Passage of Time
As we age the skin loses its resilience and elasticity mostly due to the natural slow down of collagen production. The weakened collagen structures become evident with wrinkle formation, loss of plumpness, increased skin laxity and changing skin textures.

The Clayton Shagal Difference
Skin treated with Clayton Shagal Collagen can retain more moisture in the dermal layers, thereby increasing the volume of existing collagen for stronger and healthier skin. Clayton Shagal follows the premise that the true essence of skin is based on respecting the skin’s natural major components: collagen, elastin, and moisture.

The Result…..
Clayton Shagal’s pure extracted Collagen supplies the skin with soluble collagen to improve skin hydration and restore skin vitality.

Our trained Skin Specialist can offer you more information during your treatment but we suggest you just lay back and enjoy!

Cost $125.00 1 hour


The Ultimate CellCosMet Facial
The Science of Staying Young

Constantly looking for the best scientifically selected and knowingly balanced ingredients to ensure maximum benefits to the skin.  Cellap Laboratories applies the best high performance cosmetology discoveries to its products.

As we age, cell regeneration slows down and cell renewal problems appear.  Lifestyle and certain environmental factors can also affect the proper function of the skins self-defence and repair systems.

Come experience an exceptional treatment that is designed to wrap you in a cocoon of pleasure while it fights premature signs of aging. This restorative facial features a revitalizing compound of nutritive elements enriched with a high concentration of active stabilized bio-integral cells. Combined with specialized techniques, this treatment helps restore a youthful appearance, brighten the complexion, and tonify and firm the skin.

We know you will love the results! Ask us to take a before and after photo on your phone.

Cost $175.00  2 Hours

CellCosMet Pro Collagen Eye Treatment
For several years now our clients have been asking for a solution to dark circles and under eye pocket.  After a great deal of research we have launched our Cellcosmet Pro Collagen treatment.  We promise this treatment will regain a youthful and well rested appearance.  This is the only cellular treatment that offers immediate, spectacular and visible results from eth very first application, including dark circles.

Cost $95.00  45 Minutes

painting on face mask

Anne Maaden Signature Revitalizing Facial

Institut Esthederm is an exclusive, independently owned French Skincare range.  The line is based on over 35 years of research and over 80 proven patented formulas.  Institut Esthederm produces natural and long lasting beauty results which are guaranteed, while working in total harmony with your skin’s biology.  Instead of looking for external, temporary solutions Institut Esthederm works to re-educate the skin, teaching it to repair itself.

Esthederm Signature Rebalancing Facial
This unique customizable facial will immediately treat various skin problems you may be concerned with, from hydration to sensitivity and detoxification. Ideal for all skin types, as it will help to balance and re-educate your skin, and aid to help stop premature aging. You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, with visibly clearer and radiant skin.

Cost $89.00 1 Hour

Esthederm Anti-Stress Cleansing Facial
This facial is good for someone on the go and in need of a deep cleansing treatment. Prepares the skin to optimize penetration of active ingredients and quickly boost the skins performance. Our clients enjoy this facial before events and weddings, as well as if you wake up and feel as if you need a quick pick me up. Can often be booked on the same day.

Cost $56.00   30 Minutes

If you do have an extra 30 minutes add a Microdermabrasion.  $120.00 for both services.

Esthe-Lift Anti Age Facial
A natural lifting treatment inspired by physiotherapy techniques and aesthetic actions used to stimulate various muscles of the face, which cause sagging skin and aging. Great for someone who is looking to treat the loss of firmness and volume, wrinkles, and expression lines. You will leave feeling as if your face is reshaped, plumped and fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out. For best results, we recommend 4 treatments, 4 weeks apart.

Cost $125.00  1 Hour 30 minutes

Esthe-White Brightening Facial
The ultimate facial for someone in need of brightened and glowing skin. Will help to regulate skin pigmentation and complexion, as well as treat the signs of aging without using any bleaching ingredients. Aids in the correction of established sun spots, and slows down the production of melanin in the skin, to further prevent more irregular pigmentation

Cost $110.00  75 Minutes

Esthederm Oxygenating Peel
A gentle peeling facial designed to give in depth renewal and instant radiance of the skin. Using Esthederm’s signature peeling gel with Glycolic Acid along with Oxy-therapy, detoxification of the tissues and epidermal regeneration will happen immediately. Good for someone who wants to soften deep wrinkles, recent scars and help irregular texture. Combined with calming creams to sooth the skin, this is the ultimate refresher your skin needs after the summer. Recommend 3 sessions between October and April for the best results.

Cost $105.00  1 Hour

Microdermabrasion and 30 Minute Facial
The perfect pairing for the skin that needs a pick me up. Remove the layers of dead skin and then the application of serums and creams begins, leaving the skin smooth, hydrated and glowing.

Cost $120.00   1 Hour