Eyelash Extensions

A woman’s look is the ultimate seduction weapon. For most women, that’s no news! Eyelashes add depth and lush to a woman’s features.

Eyelash extensions methods are numerous, but they often dash your hopes. After many years of research in the laboratory, Misencil® offers a product that you will not find anywhere else. Indeed, Misencil® is the very first company worldwide to take advantage of the French cosmetology know-how and standards to give you the Glamorous Look that will change your life.

close up of eyelash extensions

Results from a survey show that 90% of women who have tried Misencil® eyelash extensions can’t do without!

With its innovative and revolutionary collection, Misencil® gives you exactly the look that you want, and that’s a promise!

Have longer and thicker eyelashes permanently! Our product is safe for your natural lashes.

Misencil® eyelashes are supple, comfortable, and water resistant. Our method answers every woman’s need to look and feel good in a healthy way.

During the procedure, you will be asked to fill a questionnaire and determine–with the guidance of a technician–the curve, thickness, colour, and length of your dream eyelashes. You will also pick a shape for your extensions (natural or sophisticated). When the application is over, we will give you a document with the Misencil® recommendations for daily care.

For us, GLAMOUR… means YOU!

Please feel free to email or call to book your appointment for this exciting new service. 519-767-3331

Discovery Application

Let Yourself be tempted by eyelash extensions that emphasize the extreme corners of your eyes.

Cost $75.00

Star Application

Light up your look with the star application for a discreet effect.

Cost $150.00

The Superstar Application

A fuller and thicker effect for a seductive look.

Maintenance is every three weeks and a fill is $55

Cost $250