About Us

Anne Maaden commits excellence to you, our clients, our team and our community. Safety and Education being our 1st priority. Employee retention at Anne Maaden tells the story of the extraordinary team that has been created.

The Anne Maaden management believes in rewarding success and all employees are committed to Anne Maaden standard of excellence and work tirelessly to enrich the lives of their guests through beauty, health and wellness.

Anne Maaden has a first-hand look at the standards and practices in the industry, allowing us to bring our guests the latest technology and treatments while exceeding Public Health Standards.

Taking time for yourself is crucial in this fast paced world. If you don?t take time, your health, family, work and spiritual needs may suffer. We are proud to offer what our body and soul need most: relaxation, revitalization and a chance to heal from the stress of daily routine. Anne Maaden offers monthly membership to ensure that time is taken for yourself.

We encourage our guests to be informed when selecting their media-spa, in a market saturated with equipment the consumer must do their homework to be informed about the equipment being used and the extent of the technician?s training to perform your treatment. We take pride in telling our guests ?If you choose our clinic or another clinic our commitment is to educate you so book a complimentary consultation and be informed?. Prevention is key and we are here to educate all of our customers on the benefit of starting proper skin care early to avoid the signs of aging.

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